Installing The Perfect Garage Door

Choosing the right garage door for your home can be a difficult decision.  There are a lot of things to consider when hiring a professional garage door company to come and install a new garage door.

Aside from the front door, the garage door is typically the focal point of the house and what ties everything together.  This is one aspect that can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home if the right garage door is installed.

Whether you are installing a garage door for a new house, replacing an old garage door, or the repairs are too expensive, picking the right garage door for your home will make all the difference.

Installing the right sized garage door

Obviously garage doors vary in sizes depending on the home or building.  If you are taking on a Do-It-Yourself project, you’ll want to know the dimensions of your garage door before installing.  Whether you are installing a single, double, or RV garage door, you need to know your numbers.

For the typical Do-It-Yourself project, a residential single garage door ranges from an 8×7, 9×7 and 10×7 feet all around the door.  These garage doors usually fit normal size cars, trucks, SUV’s and other similar vehicles.  If you have a vehicle that is bigger in size, then you’ll want to consider installing a double garage door.

The size of a double garage door range from 12×7 feet, 14×7 feet, and 16×7 feet around the door.  Manufactures will supply both single and double garage door for residential consumers.  The most important step in installing the garage door is knowing the dimensions and whether or not you want to fit a single vehicle or two vehicles in the garage comfortably.

Measuring Your Garage Door

If the first step in installing a new garage door is knowing your dimensions of the door, then you’ll have to know exactly the best way to measure your garage door.  Do not over complicate things when trying to measure your garage door.  Using the basic tape measure will do the trick.  The first thing you’ll want to measure is the height of the garage door.  Make sure you write down each measurement so you do not forget the dimensions.  After you measure the height you can now measure the length and the width of the garage door.  This is important because you don’t just want to know the height and width, but the length of the garage door is important for when you install the garage door opener.

Once you have the right dimensions, you can begin searching for the style and brand name garage door that you wish to have in your home.  Most brands will have the right garage door for your measurements, so at this point it’s a matter of taste and preference for the kind of garage door that you choose.  If you want to be 100 percent certain that you have the right dimensions, have a friend or family measure the garage door themselves to double check your numbers.

Garage Door Repairs

Sometimes people are quick to make the decision to replacing or installing a brand new garage door because the garage door repairs look too detrimental.  At this point, you’ll want to consult with a professional garage door company for their advice on whether or not the garage door repairs are salvageable.

You can save a lot of time and money if you find out that the garage door repairs are not as bad as they look.  most garage door repairs will run you in the hundreds of dollars, as a opposed to thousands of dollars that you could possibly spend on a new garage altogether.

Ultimately, installing a new garage door could be the icing on the cake for turning your house into someone’s dream home.  There are many benefits to having a new garage door installed in your home, but don’t overlook the possibilities of making garage door repairs.  A professional who can properly repair your garage door can make it look like brand new again without breaking the bank.