DIY Garage Door Installation

garage door installationDIY Garage Door Installation Tips

If you are embarking on a DIY of a garage door installation, then there are a few things that you must consider before you begin.

A DIY project for garage door installation can be extremely difficult for homeowners who don’t have the experience of a professional.  It’s important to take precautionary steps as it can be dangerous and lead to injury.  Make sure that you are prepared and fully informed of what you need to complete a successful do-it-yourself garage door installation project.

Here are a few tips and how-to’s for your DIY garage door installation project.  We will assume that the old garage door has been removed and that you are beginning with the new garage door.

Take Measurements

Before beginning the installation part of this process, you must take the measurements of the length, height and depth of the garage and garage door.  The depth of the garage is important, as you measure the top of the garage door opening to the back wall of your garage.   For any standard garage door installation, you’ll need at least the height of the door plus another 18 inches. You’ll also want to measure the headroom, which is the top of the garage door to the ceiling.  Common garage door headrooms range from 1-2 feet.

Start From The Bottom

When installing the garage door, you’ll want to work from the ground up.  You can do this off to the side by having the garage door stacked in sections.  Once your garage door is stacked in sections, you’ll then want to begin installing the hinges on the backside of the garage door.  Once your hinges are in the right place, you’ll then want to install rollers on the side of the hinges, followed by attaching the vertical track.

Once your vertical track is attached, you’ll then want to mount the horizontal track to the headroom of your garage. Once the horizontal track is mounted properly, you’ll want to attach it to the vertical track.

Attach Springs

Most modern garage doors have torsion springs that are attached to the garage door.  At this time, you’ll want to assemble your torsion spring to the horizontal track mounted on the inside of your garage door.  Once the springs are installed, you need to tighten the screws on the springs and drums.

Garage Door Openers

If you’re going to use a garage door opener, make sure you refer to the manual so that it is properly reinforced.  Attach the garage door opener to your ceiling in the garage.  The belt should run from the middle of the opener down to the center of the headroom right above the garage door.  For best results refer to your manual for how to install your specific garage door opener.


If you’re not sure you need a complete installation, then a local garage door repair San Jose just might do the trick.  If that’s the case then contact a local garage door company to inspect and make any necessary repairs.  Often times, salvaging a garage door with by making the correct repairs will save a homeowner time and money.