DIY Garage Door Installation

garage door installationDIY Garage Door Installation Tips

If you are embarking on a DIY of a garage door installation, then there are a few things that you must consider before you begin.

A DIY project for garage door installation can be extremely difficult for homeowners who don’t have the experience of a professional.  It’s important to take precautionary steps as it can be dangerous and lead to injury.  Make sure that you are prepared and fully informed of what you need to complete a successful do-it-yourself garage door installation project.

Here are a few tips and how-to’s for your DIY garage door installation project.  We will assume that the old garage door has been removed and that you are beginning with the new garage door.

Take Measurements

Before beginning the installation part of this process, you must take the measurements of the length, height and depth of the garage and garage door.  The depth of the garage is important, as you measure the top of the garage door opening to the back wall of your garage.   For any standard garage door installation, you’ll need at least the height of the door plus another 18 inches. You’ll also want to measure the headroom, which is the top of the garage door to the ceiling.  Common garage door headrooms range from 1-2 feet.

Start From The Bottom

When installing the garage door, you’ll want to work from the ground up.  You can do this off to the side by having the garage door stacked in sections.  Once your garage door is stacked in sections, you’ll then want to begin installing the hinges on the backside of the garage door.  Once your hinges are in the right place, you’ll then want to install rollers on the side of the hinges, followed by attaching the vertical track.

Once your vertical track is attached, you’ll then want to mount the horizontal track to the headroom of your garage. Once the horizontal track is mounted properly, you’ll want to attach it to the vertical track.

Attach Springs

Most modern garage doors have torsion springs that are attached to the garage door.  At this time, you’ll want to assemble your torsion spring to the horizontal track mounted on the inside of your garage door.  Once the springs are installed, you need to tighten the screws on the springs and drums.

Garage Door Openers

If you’re going to use a garage door opener, make sure you refer to the manual so that it is properly reinforced.  Attach the garage door opener to your ceiling in the garage.  The belt should run from the middle of the opener down to the center of the headroom right above the garage door.  For best results refer to your manual for how to install your specific garage door opener.


If you’re not sure you need a complete installation, then a local garage door repair San Jose just might do the trick.  If that’s the case then contact a local garage door company to inspect and make any necessary repairs.  Often times, salvaging a garage door with by making the correct repairs will save a homeowner time and money.

Installing The Perfect Garage Door

Choosing the right garage door for your home can be a difficult decision.  There are a lot of things to consider when hiring a professional garage door company to come and install a new garage door.

Aside from the front door, the garage door is typically the focal point of the house and what ties everything together.  This is one aspect that can dramatically increase the curb appeal of your home if the right garage door is installed.

Whether you are installing a garage door for a new house, replacing an old garage door, or the repairs are too expensive, picking the right garage door for your home will make all the difference.

Installing the right sized garage door

Obviously garage doors vary in sizes depending on the home or building.  If you are taking on a Do-It-Yourself project, you’ll want to know the dimensions of your garage door before installing.  Whether you are installing a single, double, or RV garage door, you need to know your numbers.

For the typical Do-It-Yourself project, a residential single garage door ranges from an 8×7, 9×7 and 10×7 feet all around the door.  These garage doors usually fit normal size cars, trucks, SUV’s and other similar vehicles.  If you have a vehicle that is bigger in size, then you’ll want to consider installing a double garage door.

The size of a double garage door range from 12×7 feet, 14×7 feet, and 16×7 feet around the door.  Manufactures will supply both single and double garage door for residential consumers.  The most important step in installing the garage door is knowing the dimensions and whether or not you want to fit a single vehicle or two vehicles in the garage comfortably.

Measuring Your Garage Door

If the first step in installing a new garage door is knowing your dimensions of the door, then you’ll have to know exactly the best way to measure your garage door.  Do not over complicate things when trying to measure your garage door.  Using the basic tape measure will do the trick.  The first thing you’ll want to measure is the height of the garage door.  Make sure you write down each measurement so you do not forget the dimensions.  After you measure the height you can now measure the length and the width of the garage door.  This is important because you don’t just want to know the height and width, but the length of the garage door is important for when you install the garage door opener.

Once you have the right dimensions, you can begin searching for the style and brand name garage door that you wish to have in your home.  Most brands will have the right garage door for your measurements, so at this point it’s a matter of taste and preference for the kind of garage door that you choose.  If you want to be 100 percent certain that you have the right dimensions, have a friend or family measure the garage door themselves to double check your numbers.

Garage Door Repairs

Sometimes people are quick to make the decision to replacing or installing a brand new garage door because the garage door repairs look too detrimental.  At this point, you’ll want to consult with a professional garage door company for their advice on whether or not the garage door repairs are salvageable.

You can save a lot of time and money if you find out that the garage door repairs are not as bad as they look.  most garage door repairs will run you in the hundreds of dollars, as a opposed to thousands of dollars that you could possibly spend on a new garage altogether.

Ultimately, installing a new garage door could be the icing on the cake for turning your house into someone’s dream home.  There are many benefits to having a new garage door installed in your home, but don’t overlook the possibilities of making garage door repairs.  A professional who can properly repair your garage door can make it look like brand new again without breaking the bank.


Common Garage Door Repairs

Common Garage Door Repairs

A garage door is one of the most important aspects to your home.  It’s purpose is more than just opening and closing as you come and go throughout the day.

Your garage door serves as a protector to all things that are valuable inside.   Whether it’s your car, boat, motorcycle, or even your family, a garage door keeps those prized possessions locked and secure from outsiders.  For that reason alone, you cannot risk overlooking the importance of having a properly installed or repaired garage door.

If you are not sure exactly when your garage door might need to be repaired, or how, then our tips will be of great help.  Of course you can always call a professional garage door repair company to look at it themselves.  Either way, make sure you are aware of when a garage door repair or replacement is necessary.

Below are some common examples as to why your garage might not be working quite right, and what you can do to resolve the solution with out calling upon a garage door repair company.

Garage Door Opener Won’t work

Have you ever been in a hurry trying to get out of the house, and you are stalled in the driveway staring at your garage door because it won’t close?  You sit for a minute and think; could it be the garage door, or is it the opener? This is a common situation that often frustrates many home owners and their garage door.  One simple troubleshooting attempt would be to walk inside and push the button that opens and closes your garage from the inside.  If the garage door doesn’t respond, then you can most likely rule out the garage opener for being at fault.  On the other hand, if the garage door opens and closes from a different device, then it’s time to look at your garage door opener.  First thing you can do is check the batteries of the garage door opener and the device that opens it up.  If batteries are not an issue, and previous troubleshooting does not lead to results, then it might be time to contact your local garage door repair company.

Noisy Garage Doors

One thing we can all agree on is the fact that a noise garage is an annoying garage.  You have to be careful when you start having a noise garage door because it might be telling you that something is wrong.  Although your garage door might be yelling at you to fix it, the problem can be resolved with some Do-It-Yourself maintenance.  A nice coating of WD40 could do the trick by spraying the wheels and the track that it rides along.  Although it could only be a temporary problem, it might just do the trick for the long haul.  If luck is not on your side and that magic spray doesn’t quiet your noise garage door, then you need to move to plan B.  Plan B requires a little bit of elbow grease and a wrench.  You’ll want to go around to all the nuts on the doors and tracks and to make sure that they are tight.  Snug might be a better word here because you do not want to over tighten.  Check the opening and closing the garage door a few times to see if this will silence the noise.  If things are still not working, then it might be time to start replacing some parts.  There are two things that could possibly be replaced when dealing with a noisy garage door.  You might have to replace the rollers and/or the hinges.  If you’re not quite sure how this could be done, or if this is even the solution to your noisy garage, then you’ll need to contact a local garage door repair company to assist you.

Garage Door Eye Is Blocked

The garage door eye is a small sensor that sits just about 4 inches off the ground.  This little gadget shoots an unidentifiable laser across the garage to detect anything blocking the path of the garage door.  If the sensor picks anything while the garage door is in motion, it will instantly stop the garage door.  If your garage door isn’t working and there is no other reason for the garage door to freeze up, then you need to check the eye.  There could possibly be damaged, or loose wires that connect to the eye that won’t allow it to function properly.  Debris can also be an issue for the eye as it can collect dirt and dust after long periods of time.  Make sure that the eye is clean and has no rust or dirt sitting on it’s sensor.  Now, if you find that the cords are damaged, cut, or loose then you’ll want to either contact your local electrician, or make a quick phone call to your favorite garage door repair company.  This is not a Do-It-Yourself project for the average person as you are dealing with electricity throughout your home.  You’ll want to pay the money to have a professional come and take a look at it.

Broken Torsion Springs

BOOOOM! Yup, it just happened.  Your torsion spring finally snapped.  If it sounds anything like a loud bang or a firecracker blowing up in your garage, then you know your spring has seen it’s last day.   This also means that your days of a properly running garage door are finally over.  Do not under any circumstance try to open your garage door if your torsion spring is broken.  I REPEAT, DO NOT try to open your garage door! This could be very dangerous and could lead to some serious injury and even more damage to the garage door or home.  A broken torsion spring is probably the #1 cause for customers calling a local garage door repair company.  Put your garage door on lock down and call your go-to garage door company for a professional to come out and examine the problem.

These were just a few examples of some of the most common causes for needing garage door repairs.  If you’re not quite sure about some problems you are experiencing with your garage door, then contact the local professionals to help resolve your garage door repair problems.  Remember that safety is important, and do not start any project where you are not 100% confident in what you are doing.  Yes, there are thousands of YouTube videos that may provide some helpful instructions in solving your garage door repairs, but they do not have the same knowledge, skills, and professionalism as your local garage door company. Your garage door protects your most prized possessions locked away inside; Your family, cars, motorcycle, or even your boat are things you do not want to risk because you overlooked the importance of getting your garage door repaired.  Take care of yourself, your family, and your valuables inside by having a properly running garage door all year long.

Four Reasons to Hire a Licensed Garage Door Company

What do you think is the role of a garage door in your home? Do you just see it as any other door that’s supposed to only open and close when driving in and out of your home? First of all, a garage door is one of the largest moving convenience in your property. Maybe you should look at it once more just to be sure. You’ll realize that this is perhaps the most important and largest moving accessory to any property. Garage doors not only ensure your home’s security and your family’s safety but also affect or rather contribute to your home’s look and curb appeal.

Since this is a moving accessory, it’s bound to have problems over time. Today, homeowners are always trying to do everything by themselves including tasks that need professional expertise. A garage door comprises of many components which will at some point need repair or replacement. Finding a professional to repair or install your garage door is the best thing you can ever do. Why? You should think about the following points.


The first and most important reason to work with a professional when installing or repairing your garage door is ensuring safety. The number of people visiting hospitals every year as a result of garage door related injuries has been increasing. Garage door repair is one of the most dangerous tasks, especially when done without proper training and the right tools. Every garage door repair or installation work should be done with proper electrical safety standards. Hiring a professional is your sure bet to ensuring everything is accomplished safely and efficiently.

Saves you Money

The essence of DIY garage door repairs is usually to save money. While this might seem to be the case initially, you might end up spending more as a result of mistakes made or the use of wrong materials. If the wrong or unnecessary materials are used, they are more likely to result in additional problems which will need professional help. You can get it right by just finding the right professional in the first place. You’ll save money in the long run.

High-Quality Work and Longevity

Your top priority when looking for someone to repair your garage door should be finding the most qualified and experienced professional. Hiring someone who’s inexperienced and offers poor quality work will cost you more money. Hire a licensed garage door company that will diagnose and identify the problem before fixing it. These professionals will also recommend the right measures to take to ensure the longevity of your door in terms of service.


Perhaps you’ve heard of cases where a home in your neighborhood was broken in by thieves who use the garage door as an entry point. As a matter of fact, most thieves tend to use the garage door often when breaking into homes. Professionals understand how to fix and repair your garage door to ensure your home remains secure. Knowing that your garage door is functioning properly, with no issues, is the kind of service and peace of mind a licensed garage door company will give you. You can ensure your family’s safety and your home’s security by hiring a garage door repair professional.